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Does Nobody Want To Play A Healer In This Game?

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Don't get me wrong, I love playing supports, but being forced to play them every single match due to all the dps mains is driving me insane. The only thing most people ever want to do in this game is getting kills and that's it, and then they whine about why they're not getting healed.

The standard procedure in almost every match is this: You get into a game, and before you even have a chance to think, you get the default double sniper, and a bit later you get the genji+mcree/soldier, and now you would think that the fifth person would be a bit reasonable and understanding and would pick a hero that would fix this disaster, and so that fifth person picks sombra, because that makes a lot of sense. Then comes the daily issue, am I going to make this a game without a healer, or one without a tank? I am just tired of this................

Please help

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