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Webites Only Show In Middle Of Wide Screen Monitor

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I have a 25 inch wide HP - HD LCD monitor , since installing it , Firefox AND Google Chrome only show the page in the center of the screen all scrunched up , there is nothing on either side of the screen but the blank color of the webpage i am on (including this page) , this only happens in Firefox and Google Chrome , Internet Explorer (which i cant stand) shows the image across the screen the same way it would on a normal 19 inch monitor

I tried Full Screen , and this does not fix the issue at all , all it does is take away the address and menu bar , and the image is still in the middle of the screen all scrunched up , the attached image shows what most all web pages look like (the image shown is the page i am currently on to post my issue , as i just took a screen shot) , about the only page that looks normal is every page in Internet Explorer , every page i visit in Firefox and Google Chrome , including eBay ,Craigslist , and any forum i go to , looks like the attached image , again , this only happens in Firefox and Google Chrome , i just (last night) did a complete reformat and fresh install of Windows 7 Professional 64 bit , and SP1 , this is the same issue i had before the reformat and clean install , this is Firefox Version 36.0.1 and it says its up to date , i have tried every setting , including zoom and zoom text , with it doing nothing to spread the image across the screen as it SHOULD be

Any help would be appreciated ..

Please help....

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