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Why Is Sinjar So Popular Even Tho Its So One Sided?

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I think they could fix it. Simply by pushing back the T restricted zones on the far, non-objective side of the hill, and add a little more soft cover for SEC in the middle (maybe some arches placed horizontally (like they have by the Abrams) would make it much more manageable. It really wouldnt have to be much.

I only really have two main problems with Sinjar. Firstly, people are generally sh!t at playing SEC and effectively getting onto the objective, which isnt impossible, but it can be. Secondly its voted for soooo much, which is just tiresome playing it over and over again.

I just pray that NWI do not bring sinjar into INS:SS. Give us a good maps like market (Fix the spawn camp pls

Please Help.

Thanks !

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