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Call Of Duty 4 / Xbox Controller Configuration

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It's taken a couple of days, a little frustration and a couple of breaks to sleep and to watch a royal wedding, but I've managed to configure my Xbox 360 Wireless Controller to work with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for the Mac. With first-person shooters, I much prefer using a controller to using a keyboard and mouse. I have a PlayStation 3 controller that I want to keep paired with my PS3, so, to have a controller for the computer, I bought a wireless Xbox 360 controller, but couldn't find a workable configuration to use it with CoD4. Using ControllerMate, I've mapped a configuration to make it compatible with CoD4 on the Mac. I've tried to configure it so that it works exactly as the PS3 controller does with CoD4 on the PS3, and I think it does. There are two controls in particular that are not provided in the Mac version's keyboard and mouse controls but are provided in the PS3 version: they are for the X and B buttons, to each of which I've given two functions, of which the first requires a single press-&-release and the second is activated with press-hold-release. The configuration is set out with notes of which control activates which action. There is also a larger note of changes that will need to be made to the game's control settings in the game's controls menu. Although the configuration is for a wireless Xbox 360 controller, I've no reason to doubt that it will work with a wired one. You will probably haveto replace all the black 'building blocks' (labelled 'Wireless 360 Controller') with those for your own controller. If you want to use a PS3 controller (or any other), that will be the case. I hope it works for you.

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